The Joy of Writing

One of the great joys I have had this year was writing a few short stories for my new detective/spy series, The Adventures of Gold and Sharpe. I don’t know if this is normal, but in this case, the game I was developing inspired the story, not the other way around. The game is Get Adler! Deduction Card Game.

I had a (surprising) heart procedure at the end of summer, so I almost did not get to finish the games I was working on or the stories. However, thanks to God, I have finished the first two stories and have the third one going strong, and the fourth one outlined. Yay!

I have decided to give away the first short story for FREE via eBook and it is on the website as a pdf download. Please have a read and let me know if you enjoy it. I welcome any constructive critique or advice. Thank you!

It was fun to develop the characters, especially Inspector Sharpe and Agent Gold, their cases, and their blossoming relationship. I kept the first story close to the game facts, as it’s a deduction card game based on their characteristics.

I would say these stories are good for the whole family, ages 10 to adult. Let me know your thoughts. You can always get me through the contact email on the website. Have a good day!

KS-Cover  Gold & Sharpe


A Time of Hope

It’s fitting on December 24th to talk about hope. There are many meanings to the lowly manger, but hope is a big one. Hope for mankind. That we can live in peace and joy in our own homes and neighbourhoods.

In the past two years I have been developing our two newest games. These games, of which I will focus on one for now, bring us hope.


Get Adler! is a social deduction card game for 4-6 players. A quick game of hidden identities. Like a lot of people I enjoy detective/spy stories, and did in my youth. I recently discovered this genre again, while watching the old BBC Sherlock Holmes series starring Jeremy Brett. I most enjoyed the character of Inspector Lestrade played by Colin Jeavons.

This inspirational time period lead to the creation of Get Adler! and has culminated (to this point) with the soon launch. In fact we will launch it on Jan. 4th on Kickstarter:


But the hope and joy you feel as an inventor is when you see people enjoying themselves with the first playtesting groups. When you see it is working, even though you have kinks to work out. To see others laughing and joking and deducing. That is a great joy to me, and leads me to hope.

Hope for a new beginning. Hope for success. Hope to take care of my family better. Hope to take care of the less fortunate better. Hope.