The Old Ball Game

The Old Ball Game is live on Kickstarter: Link

What I love about this tabletop game for 2 is the pitching. We have 7 unique pitches and the deeper you go into the count, the more the confrontation between pitcher and batter changes from luck to knowledge – especially for the batter. It’s a real game of cat and mouse!


Everything is instant, also. There is no taking the result and checking charts of dice rolls. When that flaming, high and hard one hits the catcher’s mitt, and the batter swings – it is a Stee-rike!


There is also timely hitting, fielding – errors, bunts, steals, and throwing out runners. We even have special rules for the pitcher getting tired and for a pinch hitter!


Please check out the Kickstarter – you won’t be disappointed. R.


Who likes to suffer?

Suffering is hard. We like to be the comforters, not the ones being comforted. If we are being comforted, then we are in some kind of pain. Emotional, physical – and to all different degrees.

We moved at the end of August and a few days later I felt a pain in my back while I was in the bathroom. It dropped me to my knees. It was instant. For the next 10 days or so I could mostly not walk – mostly crawling and lying in bed with a heat pad. In the night I would wake up screaming with back spasms (like cramps). My poor wife had to endure this… It was excruciating. I’m still not 100%, but made it to church yesterday. I have gone out twice in two weeks. Yesterday was a good day though, and a good night sleep.

I finally did go to Emergency and get an injection that helped a lot. It took away the inflammation.

We are not well off financially, and in fact closer to poverty. We live day by day and week by week. We trust God for our food, drink, business, etc. I am thankful for each game or book idea that I get, and am thankful for each sale and each backer on Kickstarter. It is a process with some light at the end of the tunnel.

I already have photophobia, since ’98, which is sensitivity to bright lights – which gives me migraines sometimes. I also have a heel pain problem, and sensitivities to odours and chemicals. Life is tough. Thankfully, God has given me a positive heart to overcome. I’m not giving up!

Last year I had 2 stents placed for my heart. But through it all, God has been faithful, and I feel and know that he is with me. I read the New Testament and it is filled with the comforting Holy Spirit and with great and precious promises. Faith moves mountains!


Sometimes I feel like Job and say Why Me?! Sometimes I get mad at God. But God has a plan and we need to trust him – not only in the good times. Job was blessed twice as much in the end, and got to see who his friends really were. If you have not read Job, please read it. It is a wonderful and encouraging true story.

“Casting all your care upon him, for he cares for you.”  1 Peter 5:7

Blessings in Christ, Randall








Math in Games

I love math! And I always did. I see math in many things and math is essential to games. In a game, such as Get Adler! Deduction Card Game the right amount of cards had to be figured out for Top-Secret Docs, Questions, Binoculars, Magnifying Glasses, Arrest Cards, Escape Cards, Pistols, Bombs and a Disguise. That’s a lot of cards.


After lots of playtesting we adjusted each card amount – to the point of perfection (I hope!). There is a reason why Adler will almost certainly get a Top-Secret card each game, which he needs to possess in order to win – yet in some games he might only have one or two and is in danger of ending the game with none. Tension! Just what we wanted.


I had a reviewer of Get Adler who recently said that Adler could possibly get no Top-Secret cards in the game. I was surprised by that comment because that has never happened in any game we or our backers/players have played. Of course, it’s always possible. But it’s highly improbable. Designers, for the most part, don’t leave these things to chance.


I head that Einstein once said, “God is not rolling the dice.” I don’t know if he said it for sure, but I love that statement. There is wonderful mathematics behind many things in creation. I also love many things about Sir Isaac Newton who was an incredible scientist and mathematician.

Do you see math in nature and life?

Why #BlackLivesMatter to me

Young black mother, Korryn Gaines, was killed by the (SWAT?) police yesterday. She supposedly had a long gun in her hands, sitting on the floor of her apartment with her 5 yr. old son beside her. The police wanted to arrest her for “traffic violations’. Sounds like the other recent police shooting of Philandro Castile in Minnesota. The well-liked young black man was shot during a police pull-over for “traffic violations”. This is heart-wrenching and sickening at the same time.

As someone who has been poor growing up and also as an adult, I have a lot of compassion for poor people. In the last year or so, my left signal light has not been working – sometimes it does, sometimes not. I have to put my left arm out the window when it is out. Often I have not had the money to fix it. Imagine if the police were constantly pulling me over for it?

When you’re poor, sometimes your thinking is like this: I could fix the light, but I might not have enough money for food until Friday, when my cheque is coming in. Or, my car insurance is due, or I have to pay for the internet – or other tough decisions that the middle class or rich have no clue about. It is a daily, tough, struggle for many poor people. It is survival.

Add to that a feeling of being ‘harassed’. I have met some very decent and wonderful police officers in my life. And I have met some twits (idiots!). In these cases, where is the compassion, the patience, the wisdom? In Korryn’s case, why not bring in female negotiators? or a pastor or a psychologist or her relatives/family? Why such a rush to the SWAT team? The report I read says they shot her more times after they initially shot her. Terrible. Terrible.

Another black man, Eric Garner was killed for selling cigarettes on the street. The choke hold. I grew up poor in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. We stole things all the time. We stole because we didn’t have, we stole to sell. No one was killed for stealing or traffic violations. When I became a Christian as an adult, I felt bad about stealing, but I still have a big soft spot for the poor and needy. Do we know what it’s like to walk in our brothers’ or sisters’ shoes?

I think there needs to be a police/court revamp for minor traffic offenses and such things. Community Police needs to be of the same colour/race as the ‘hood. Many people are on edge today. We need compassion and patience – especially from the police who are on the front lines.

#BlackLivesMatter to me. They matter a lot. Each one. #BLM does not mean that all lives don’t matter. It’s just flashing a light on the crisis in the black community and is a call for help and action.




A Kickstarter in Summer?

A Kickstarter in summer? I really hope this is going to work! We launched Soccer Tactics WORLD board game on Kickstarter today – right in the middle of summer vacation. How many people are still at work or home or checking on Kickstarter? hmmm. We’ll find out soon enough. I’m thinking that most families and individuals only go away for 2 weeks, so we should be good. I’ll post a couple of photos below, so you can see this fantastic soccer game, and here is the Kickstarter link: SoccerTacticsWORLD


KS-new STW box-SMALL


Have a great summer everyone! And check out our Kickstarter if you have the chance. Thank you! R.

Females in Games

Hasbro has replaced Mrs. White from Clue (Cluedo), and replaced her with a younger, more professional Dr. Orchid. This has led to lots of discussion in the game industry about females in games and on box covers.

In Get Adler! Deduction Card Game we have two strong female characters – one good and one bad: Agent Gold and Kate Collins. We are just finishing the 7/8 player expansion which adds French Agent Gigi Bonnet – a good character. That brings us to 3 out of 8 characters, getting closer to 50/50. Our artist is also female. Perhaps all these reasons together is why Get Adler! is popular with female and male, young and older and gamers and non-gamers.