Praise for Get Adler!

It’s so great when you get positive feedback from consumers or backers (Kickstarter)! It shows that all that hard work by many people has paid off. When someone on another continent enjoys your game, that is wonderful, and I thank God for it. We are getting more and more confirmation that Get Adler! Deduction Card Game is indeed a special game. R.

“Just finished playing. My 11yo loves the ’30s and spy things so he was really excited. He learned the rules and was the ‘start’ player. We had 5 players: 11yo b, 13yo b, my husband assisted by 7yo g, 9 yo girl, and myself. The rules were clear and concise. Game play was fun and fast. I was Adler and 9yo was Collins. She, unfortunately, was arrested, but I escaped after a confrontation with 2 other players involving escapes on the Tube and Double decker bus with a final shoot out. Made off with RAF and Army documents.

Will be a great game to take camping or on picnics.”

Jennifer, Australia



A Team Effort

How many people are involved to take a product from an idea to a finished product in the hands of a customer?


I thank God for each idea that I get for a new game. Then you have stores that sell bristol board, paper and pens, where most ideas start out. So, a rough prototype is made. Then you have testers. Next is the graphic artist. More testing. Maybe family and friends, and then gamers you don’t know.

At some point you start talking to the manufacturer to get a quote and time frame. There will be shipping: by ocean or air and then ground. What about customs, distributors, wholesalers, stores – brick and mortar and online stores.

How about Kickstarter, Conventions, media releases, marketing, ads, etc. Investors, backers.

There is a lot of time and money expended on just one new project.


As the saying goes, there is no “I” in Team. The inventor or designer gets a lot of credit, but as we can see here, credit should go to many people.

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