Get Adler! awarded Father Geek Seal

Get Adler! Deduction Card Game has been awarded the Father Geek Seal of Approval. Yay! Here is the email we received from Father Geek:


“Thank you for the opportunity to share your game with our family and friends.
Congratulations are in order! Your game was enjoyed by all three of our play groups and approved by them! Gamer Geeks, Parent Geeks, and Child Geeks all found something they liked about your game and gave it their collective thumbs-up. This automatically awards your game the Father Geek Seal of Approval, a special approval we only give to those games that were found to be fun, challenging, and playable by a diverse group of players. Well done!”
The full Father Geek review: GetAdler
We are so excited to win this award, and it is so fulfilling that such a
cross-section of people would enjoy the game: Gamers,
Parents and not least – Kids!
Thank you! R.

Case #2 – The Prescott Sisters

KS-Cover  Gold & Sharpe

This is an excerpt from The Adventures of Gold & Sharpe, which is a short story series that grew out of our latest product – Get Adler! Deduction Card Game. I hope you will enjoy it (let us know if you do). For the rest of the free download see our website: Gold&Sharpe

Detective Superintendent John Hughes was a mountain of a man. He stood six foot four and weighed eighteen stone. He towered over Victor’s desk with his eyebrows furled above his intense blue eyes.

Hughes could be intimidating, but Victor knew that underneath this imposing exterior ticked a tender heart. Victor had a great deal of respect and admiration for his superior. Hughes had encouraged the young sleuth as a Detective Sergeant, recognizing his ability to solve complex cases. He had recommended Victor’s promotion to the rank of Detective Inspector, which had raised eyebrows amongst the veterans. Victor’s colleagues had learned, though, to value him over time, seeking his input whenever they were stuck.

Hughes tossed a new, mostly empty, file on Victor’s desk.

“This one bothers me, Sharpe. It’s why I’m putting you on it. A young woman, Margaret Prescott, was pulled out of the Thames early this morning by a tugboat. She plunged off Westminster Bridge into the freezing waters below. We have no witnesses as to how she went off the bridge.”

If something about a case bothered Hughes, then it bothered Victor too. Hughes had a nose for these things. Victor flipped open his notebook, picked up his fountain pen and started making notes.

Hughes continued: “The victim is twenty eight years old and the body is still on the tugboat at the Westminster Bridge pier. I want you to hurry over there and take over the investigation. Faulkner can fill you in. He’s on scene.”

Victor tried not to roll his eyes. ‘Wet behind the ears’ Detective Sergeant Faulkner was not the most detail oriented investigator at the Yard.

A few wind-scattered flurries pelted Victor’s face as he left headquarters and trudged through the snow and slush to the pier. Winter had arrived exactly on its appointed day. Ah, he loved punctuality and order.

The cold air cut through his overcoat and lodged into his bones, while the metal bar in his left arm gave him a dull ache – a painful reminder of being tricked by Herr Adler.

A few buildings that he passed displayed Christmas decorations. He shook his head. The holiday had snuck up on him this year with his heavy work load, and now another case thrown his way. He hated to drop one case and jump on another, but Hughes was the boss, not him.

Police, ambulance and the divisional surgeon’s vehicles crowded the pier area. He walked down the stone steps and a constable led him to the tugboat. Tall and thin Faulkner nodded to him.



“Show me what you have so far, Sergeant.”

Faulkner pulled the brown tarp away, revealing the body.

Miss Prescott was pale, frozen and pretty, with long brown hair. However, her face looked hard -older than her twenty eight years. She wore a white dress, covered with a thin, short, brown coat. A red woollen hat lay beside her, matching her crimson shoes. Victor pulled out his magnifying glass and studied her soles and heels. Her hands were bareno gloves.


Get Adler! Deduction Card Game

What is your fave deduction game? I guess most people would say Clue? Clue really is the all time classic. But today there is a bunch of new deduction games.


Get Adler! is played with cards and is set in London, 1937 – in Trafalgar Square to be exact! Can you feel the fog rolling in as 7 pm approaches? Here is the description for the game:

London, 1937 — Intelligence has discovered that Top-Secret documents are missing. So, too, is MI6 Agent Adler! The only clue is an intercepted message: ‘Trafalgar at seven’. MI5 Agent Gold, Inspector Sharpe of Scotland Yard and Constable Townsend have been thrown this task: Find and eliminate Adler! They’ve got seven hours.


The first 3 rounds is all about asking key questions and watching facial expressions and card play… trying to figure out who is MI6 Agent Adler (and possibly his accomplice, Kate Collins)! The second part of the game, after deducing the traitor, is to catch him! But it won’t be easy as he has escape vehicles and weapons…

So this Christmas/Holiday season please check out this ‘social’ deduction game and have a blast with your family and friends.

p.s. there’s even a FREE short story series based on the game, called Gold & Sharpe. Check out the website for ‘How to Play’ videos and more info:




Get Adler! Photos

Get Adler! Deduction Card Game has been produced and delivered! Yay! Here are some photos of the amazing cards and pieces. Quality is excellent!!

Copyright: Caper Games. All Rights Reserved.

For more info:








Get Adler! a Mainstream Game

We’re having such a nice response to Get Adler! from males, females, young, older, gamers and non-gamers. Stores and distributors are recognizing the mainstream qualities of this deduction game and ordering. Yay!

Players: 4-6, Time: 30 min., Ages: 10 – Adult

The artwork is attractive; the cards, reference sheets and time tokens are high-quality, and even the rule booklet is top-notch. Add to that the excellent game play and replay value of this party game and you see why we have high hopes for this gem!

Get Adler! has real deduction (but not a brain burner); and after you figure out who Adler is, you still have to catch him – by motor car, bus, bicycle or boat, or chase him in the underground …. And watch out, Adler has a few tricks up his sleeve… and a clever accomplice in Kate Collins.


Get Adler! is available

Games are starting to arrive to backers world-wide. Thank you for supporting us. Some of the first comments we have heard: “it’s easy to learn, fun to play” … it’s a “refreshing” deduction game. See our website for more info: capergames

If you’re looking for an excellent deduction game, with a great theme, and fantastic time period illustrations, then check out Get Adler! Deduction Card Game. It will take you 5 minutes to learn, and plays in 20 to 30 min., ages 10 to Adult, and for 4-6 players.

Thanks, R.