A Game of I…. millimetres!


The game of inches – above.

I am part of the generation in Canada that got caught in Mr. Trudeau’s idea to convert Canada to the metric system. The 1970s. I still think of most things in feet and inches and pounds. Metric also does not translate well if you are a sports fan. What is a 6’6″ 300 lb offensive lineman in metric, and who cares? lol

As I measure the box and the contents for Get Adler! Deduction Card Game, I am measuring in metric. I am getting used to it, and here it works for me. This box must be 1.8 cm (18mm) in thickness. As in the thickness to get through the Canada Post slot to make it as ‘letter’ mail. We did it for our last two sports card games – SHOOTERZ hockey card game, and STRIKERZ soccer card game. They fit through the slot and were mailed inexpensively.

So, before production, I have been fitting into the SHOOTERZ box – 6 card sheets, 96 cards divided into 3 decks, a punchout sheet and the rules booklet. Yesterday it all fit, and was even a tiny bit loose. Yay! I always thought it would fit, and we had done some rough work on it, but this was the nitty gritty. So as long as our manufacturer can do what we just did, we will all be happy! The backers and future customers will get a product with a great shipping rate, and we can keep costs down.

I enjoy this designing and measuring part of the production process and it reminds me a lot of when I worked on aircraft, in the military and then the civilian world. The civilian work especially prepared me for all this design work – and I am thankful for that.

So, why do we want this package to be letter mail so bad? Because shipping is expensive today -for everyone. I strongly believe in old-fashioned values. Give people a great product for the best price possible. And there is nothing wrong with making a profit, as long as you have good motives.

Every millimetre counted in this design.

Game design – a game of millimetres.