Get Adler! Premium coming soon!

Get Adler! Premium Edition is coming soon! We might even launch a Kickstarter in February. We are so encouraged by emails and reviews from customers and backers!! It really has hit the sweet spot for young and old, male and female, gamers and casual gamers. The new edition will be a slightly bigger traditional box (top and bottom) with a plastic insert to hold 2 decks of cards, new design on back of character cards, and maybe another surprise … stay tuned! R.

ps The box will be a lot thicker!

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Get Adler! awarded Father Geek Seal

Get Adler! Deduction Card Game has been awarded the Father Geek Seal of Approval. Yay! Here is the email we received from Father Geek:


“Thank you for the opportunity to share your game with our family and friends.
Congratulations are in order! Your game was enjoyed by all three of our play groups and approved by them! Gamer Geeks, Parent Geeks, and Child Geeks all found something they liked about your game and gave it their collective thumbs-up. This automatically awards your game the Father Geek Seal of Approval, a special approval we only give to those games that were found to be fun, challenging, and playable by a diverse group of players. Well done!”
The full Father Geek review: GetAdler
We are so excited to win this award, and it is so fulfilling that such a
cross-section of people would enjoy the game: Gamers,
Parents and not least – Kids!
Thank you! R.

Get Adler! Photos

Get Adler! Deduction Card Game has been produced and delivered! Yay! Here are some photos of the amazing cards and pieces. Quality is excellent!!

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Get Adler! a Mainstream Game

We’re having such a nice response to Get Adler! from males, females, young, older, gamers and non-gamers. Stores and distributors are recognizing the mainstream qualities of this deduction game and ordering. Yay!

Players: 4-6, Time: 30 min., Ages: 10 – Adult

The artwork is attractive; the cards, reference sheets and time tokens are high-quality, and even the rule booklet is top-notch. Add to that the excellent game play and replay value of this party game and you see why we have high hopes for this gem!

Get Adler! has real deduction (but not a brain burner); and after you figure out who Adler is, you still have to catch him – by motor car, bus, bicycle or boat, or chase him in the underground …. And watch out, Adler has a few tricks up his sleeve… and a clever accomplice in Kate Collins.