Who likes to suffer?

Suffering is hard. We like to be the comforters, not the ones being comforted. If we are being comforted, then we are in some kind of pain. Emotional, physical – and to all different degrees.

We moved at the end of August and a few days later I felt a pain in my back while I was in the bathroom. It dropped me to my knees. It was instant. For the next 10 days or so I could mostly not walk – mostly crawling and lying in bed with a heat pad. In the night I would wake up screaming with back spasms (like cramps). My poor wife had to endure this… It was excruciating. I’m still not 100%, but made it to church yesterday. I have gone out twice in two weeks. Yesterday was a good day though, and a good night sleep.

I finally did go to Emergency and get an injection that helped a lot. It took away the inflammation.

We are not well off financially, and in fact closer to poverty. We live day by day and week by week. We trust God for our food, drink, business, etc. I am thankful for each game or book idea that I get, and am thankful for each sale and each backer on Kickstarter. It is a process with some light at the end of the tunnel.

I already have photophobia, since ’98, which is sensitivity to bright lights – which gives me migraines sometimes. I also have a heel pain problem, and sensitivities to odours and chemicals. Life is tough. Thankfully, God has given me a positive heart to overcome. I’m not giving up!

Last year I had 2 stents placed for my heart. But through it all, God has been faithful, and I feel and know that he is with me. I read the New Testament and it is filled with the comforting Holy Spirit and with great and precious promises. Faith moves mountains!


Sometimes I feel like Job and say Why Me?! Sometimes I get mad at God. But God has a plan and we need to trust him – not only in the good times. Job was blessed twice as much in the end, and got to see who his friends really were. If you have not read Job, please read it. It is a wonderful and encouraging true story.

“Casting all your care upon him, for he cares for you.”  1 Peter 5:7

Blessings in Christ, Randall









Math in Games

I love math! And I always did. I see math in many things and math is essential to games. In a game, such as Get Adler! Deduction Card Game the right amount of cards had to be figured out for Top-Secret Docs, Questions, Binoculars, Magnifying Glasses, Arrest Cards, Escape Cards, Pistols, Bombs and a Disguise. That’s a lot of cards.


After lots of playtesting we adjusted each card amount – to the point of perfection (I hope!). There is a reason why Adler will almost certainly get a Top-Secret card each game, which he needs to possess in order to win – yet in some games he might only have one or two and is in danger of ending the game with none. Tension! Just what we wanted.


I had a reviewer of Get Adler who recently said that Adler could possibly get no Top-Secret cards in the game. I was surprised by that comment because that has never happened in any game we or our backers/players have played. Of course, it’s always possible. But it’s highly improbable. Designers, for the most part, don’t leave these things to chance.


I head that Einstein once said, “God is not rolling the dice.” I don’t know if he said it for sure, but I love that statement. There is wonderful mathematics behind many things in creation. I also love many things about Sir Isaac Newton who was an incredible scientist and mathematician.

Do you see math in nature and life?

Peace in the Storm


Our new deduction card game, Get Adler! almost didn’t get made, as the summer brought an unexpected heart procedure. I was getting strange feelings down my arms on walks and eventually had slight pressure in my chest on further walks. Feeling tired.

My doctor sent me to emergency right away, but after passing the EKG and the blood tests, we thought I was in the clear. Then, later in the day, came the treadmill stress test, which I failed. I was then scheduled for a procedure, and within a month had 2 stents placed in my arteries. Wow. An unexpected life change.

However, I must say that I was never really ‘afraid’. Yes, I had some concerns, and you comfort your loved ones, and think, what if… But, even when I was awake on the table and having the ‘procedure’ (they don’t want to say operation) I was not afraid. In fact, I was meditating on Psalm 23 while they did it. There I was, with my eyes covered with a cloth because of my photophobia (sensitivity to bright lights, which I had since ’98), and all this activity going on, and yet I had almost perfect peace. Only God can do that, I believe. I am a Christian (in case you didn’t know).

The hardest part was the medications over the next weeks and months, as I was rushed to the hospital twice with a sky high heart rate. Again, I wasn’t really afraid. Concerned, yes. Afraid, no.

Only months later, when I started to work on Get Adler! again did I realize that it might not have been made, if I had gone to be with the Lord. I praise and thank Him for each day. He is faithful, and He hears our prayers.

Peace in the midst of the storms of life.

For more info on Get Adler! including the Kickstarter: www.capergames.ca