Get Adler! Premium live on Kickstarter

Hi Everyone!


We are live on Kickstarter with the Premium Edition of Get Adler! This version will contain a bigger box, insert, new backs on Character cards … and maybe the Expansion! (see below)

Here is the direct link: GetAdlerPremium

As always, so amazed at the backers! Over 60% Funded already! There is a good chance that we can include the 7 and 8 player Expansion. (I’m sure we will as it’s a low stretch goal).


So come on over and check it out. If you love award-winning deduction games, this one’s for you, or a friend or family member. You get great deals on Kickstarter for supporting indie authors and publishers.

Thank you and kind regards, Randall


Get Adler! Premium coming soon!

Get Adler! Premium Edition is coming soon! We might even launch a Kickstarter in February. We are so encouraged by emails and reviews from customers and backers!! It really has hit the sweet spot for young and old, male and female, gamers and casual gamers. The new edition will be a slightly bigger traditional box (top and bottom) with a plastic insert to hold 2 decks of cards, new design on back of character cards, and maybe another surprise … stay tuned! R.

ps The box will be a lot thicker!

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The Old Ball Game

The Old Ball Game is live on Kickstarter: Link

What I love about this tabletop game for 2 is the pitching. We have 7 unique pitches and the deeper you go into the count, the more the confrontation between pitcher and batter changes from luck to knowledge – especially for the batter. It’s a real game of cat and mouse!


Everything is instant, also. There is no taking the result and checking charts of dice rolls. When that flaming, high and hard one hits the catcher’s mitt, and the batter swings – it is a Stee-rike!


There is also timely hitting, fielding – errors, bunts, steals, and throwing out runners. We even have special rules for the pitcher getting tired and for a pinch hitter!


Please check out the Kickstarter – you won’t be disappointed. R.

A Kickstarter in Summer?

A Kickstarter in summer? I really hope this is going to work! We launched Soccer Tactics WORLD board game on Kickstarter today – right in the middle of summer vacation. How many people are still at work or home or checking on Kickstarter? hmmm. We’ll find out soon enough. I’m thinking that most families and individuals only go away for 2 weeks, so we should be good. I’ll post a couple of photos below, so you can see this fantastic soccer game, and here is the Kickstarter link: SoccerTacticsWORLD


KS-new STW box-SMALL


Have a great summer everyone! And check out our Kickstarter if you have the chance. Thank you! R.

Get Adler! Photos

Get Adler! Deduction Card Game has been produced and delivered! Yay! Here are some photos of the amazing cards and pieces. Quality is excellent!!

Copyright: Caper Games. All Rights Reserved.

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STRIKERZ Soccer Cards – Kickstarter

This is going to be fun and interesting! A few years ago I invented a soccer card game, while trying to add a few cards to an existing board game, Soccer Tactics. I realized after a while that the little card game had become a stand alone game – STRIKERZ Soccer Card Game. We produced a couple of hundred and sold them. We improved the graphics and then printed a couple of hundred more – sold out again. Other games went to the head of the line in the meantime, but I knew it was a good game – it won a Dr. Toy award and a Creative Child Magazine award.

So, with all the football in the air… I mean, soccer… we decided to try a kickstarter to raise the funds to produce at least 500 or 1,000. So year goes! R.

Will post the link tomorrow. It will on the website too:



Get Adler! is available

Games are starting to arrive to backers world-wide. Thank you for supporting us. Some of the first comments we have heard: “it’s easy to learn, fun to play” … it’s a “refreshing” deduction game. See our website for more info: capergames

If you’re looking for an excellent deduction game, with a great theme, and fantastic time period illustrations, then check out Get Adler! Deduction Card Game. It will take you 5 minutes to learn, and plays in 20 to 30 min., ages 10 to Adult, and for 4-6 players.

Thanks, R.