Get Adler! Premium live on Kickstarter

Hi Everyone!


We are live on Kickstarter with the Premium Edition of Get Adler! This version will contain a bigger box, insert, new backs on Character cards … and maybe the Expansion! (see below)

Here is the direct link: GetAdlerPremium

As always, so amazed at the backers! Over 60% Funded already! There is a good chance that we can include the 7 and 8 player Expansion. (I’m sure we will as it’s a low stretch goal).


So come on over and check it out. If you love award-winning deduction games, this one’s for you, or a friend or family member. You get great deals on Kickstarter for supporting indie authors and publishers.

Thank you and kind regards, Randall


Get Adler! Premium coming soon!

Get Adler! Premium Edition is coming soon! We might even launch a Kickstarter in February. We are so encouraged by emails and reviews from customers and backers!! It really has hit the sweet spot for young and old, male and female, gamers and casual gamers. The new edition will be a slightly bigger traditional box (top and bottom) with a plastic insert to hold 2 decks of cards, new design on back of character cards, and maybe another surprise … stay tuned! R.

ps The box will be a lot thicker!

For more info:


Get Adler! awarded Father Geek Seal

Get Adler! Deduction Card Game has been awarded the Father Geek Seal of Approval. Yay! Here is the email we received from Father Geek:


“Thank you for the opportunity to share your game with our family and friends.
Congratulations are in order! Your game was enjoyed by all three of our play groups and approved by them! Gamer Geeks, Parent Geeks, and Child Geeks all found something they liked about your game and gave it their collective thumbs-up. This automatically awards your game the Father Geek Seal of Approval, a special approval we only give to those games that were found to be fun, challenging, and playable by a diverse group of players. Well done!”
The full Father Geek review: GetAdler
We are so excited to win this award, and it is so fulfilling that such a
cross-section of people would enjoy the game: Gamers,
Parents and not least – Kids!
Thank you! R.

SHOOTERZ Hockey Card Game

SHOOTERZ Hockey Card Game is a fast-paced game for 2 players ages 8+. This cool game comes in a sturdy box and makes a great stocking-stuffer! Plays in only 30 minutes.

SHOOTERZ is currently live on Kickstarter. Here is the link: SHOOTERZ


General gameplay: Deal 5 cards to each person. On your turn, pick 1 card from the deck and discard 1. Try to collect your team jerseys and shoot as much as you can! Each time through the deck is one period. (3 periods total). Includes OT and Shootout rules. And don’t spend too much time in the sin-bin! (penalty box)!


You try to collect 3 positions to shoot for a goal. You need a centre, winger and a defenceman. There are 3 areas to shoot on the goalie, marked by cool target symbols. Are you going to shoot top right or top left or go five-hole (between the legs)?

SHOOTING: The shooter and goalie secretly pick their cards and then flip over – head to head. HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES! (And so does SHE!)


There are even cool red lights to mark your score! So back SHOOTERZ on Kickstarter or order it directly from our website. Either way you will score with the hockey fanatic in your life if you pick up this game! Enjoy! R.

Website: CaperGames

p.s. my wife and I love playing SHOOTERZ! It’s not just for kids. 🙂



Case #2 – The Prescott Sisters

KS-Cover  Gold & Sharpe

This is an excerpt from The Adventures of Gold & Sharpe, which is a short story series that grew out of our latest product – Get Adler! Deduction Card Game. I hope you will enjoy it (let us know if you do). For the rest of the free download see our website: Gold&Sharpe

Detective Superintendent John Hughes was a mountain of a man. He stood six foot four and weighed eighteen stone. He towered over Victor’s desk with his eyebrows furled above his intense blue eyes.

Hughes could be intimidating, but Victor knew that underneath this imposing exterior ticked a tender heart. Victor had a great deal of respect and admiration for his superior. Hughes had encouraged the young sleuth as a Detective Sergeant, recognizing his ability to solve complex cases. He had recommended Victor’s promotion to the rank of Detective Inspector, which had raised eyebrows amongst the veterans. Victor’s colleagues had learned, though, to value him over time, seeking his input whenever they were stuck.

Hughes tossed a new, mostly empty, file on Victor’s desk.

“This one bothers me, Sharpe. It’s why I’m putting you on it. A young woman, Margaret Prescott, was pulled out of the Thames early this morning by a tugboat. She plunged off Westminster Bridge into the freezing waters below. We have no witnesses as to how she went off the bridge.”

If something about a case bothered Hughes, then it bothered Victor too. Hughes had a nose for these things. Victor flipped open his notebook, picked up his fountain pen and started making notes.

Hughes continued: “The victim is twenty eight years old and the body is still on the tugboat at the Westminster Bridge pier. I want you to hurry over there and take over the investigation. Faulkner can fill you in. He’s on scene.”

Victor tried not to roll his eyes. ‘Wet behind the ears’ Detective Sergeant Faulkner was not the most detail oriented investigator at the Yard.

A few wind-scattered flurries pelted Victor’s face as he left headquarters and trudged through the snow and slush to the pier. Winter had arrived exactly on its appointed day. Ah, he loved punctuality and order.

The cold air cut through his overcoat and lodged into his bones, while the metal bar in his left arm gave him a dull ache – a painful reminder of being tricked by Herr Adler.

A few buildings that he passed displayed Christmas decorations. He shook his head. The holiday had snuck up on him this year with his heavy work load, and now another case thrown his way. He hated to drop one case and jump on another, but Hughes was the boss, not him.

Police, ambulance and the divisional surgeon’s vehicles crowded the pier area. He walked down the stone steps and a constable led him to the tugboat. Tall and thin Faulkner nodded to him.



“Show me what you have so far, Sergeant.”

Faulkner pulled the brown tarp away, revealing the body.

Miss Prescott was pale, frozen and pretty, with long brown hair. However, her face looked hard -older than her twenty eight years. She wore a white dress, covered with a thin, short, brown coat. A red woollen hat lay beside her, matching her crimson shoes. Victor pulled out his magnifying glass and studied her soles and heels. Her hands were bareno gloves.


Get Adler! Deduction Card Game

What is your fave deduction game? I guess most people would say Clue? Clue really is the all time classic. But today there is a bunch of new deduction games.


Get Adler! is played with cards and is set in London, 1937 – in Trafalgar Square to be exact! Can you feel the fog rolling in as 7 pm approaches? Here is the description for the game:

London, 1937 — Intelligence has discovered that Top-Secret documents are missing. So, too, is MI6 Agent Adler! The only clue is an intercepted message: ‘Trafalgar at seven’. MI5 Agent Gold, Inspector Sharpe of Scotland Yard and Constable Townsend have been thrown this task: Find and eliminate Adler! They’ve got seven hours.


The first 3 rounds is all about asking key questions and watching facial expressions and card play… trying to figure out who is MI6 Agent Adler (and possibly his accomplice, Kate Collins)! The second part of the game, after deducing the traitor, is to catch him! But it won’t be easy as he has escape vehicles and weapons…

So this Christmas/Holiday season please check out this ‘social’ deduction game and have a blast with your family and friends.

p.s. there’s even a FREE short story series based on the game, called Gold & Sharpe. Check out the website for ‘How to Play’ videos and more info:




Who likes to suffer?

Suffering is hard. We like to be the comforters, not the ones being comforted. If we are being comforted, then we are in some kind of pain. Emotional, physical – and to all different degrees.

We moved at the end of August and a few days later I felt a pain in my back while I was in the bathroom. It dropped me to my knees. It was instant. For the next 10 days or so I could mostly not walk – mostly crawling and lying in bed with a heat pad. In the night I would wake up screaming with back spasms (like cramps). My poor wife had to endure this… It was excruciating. I’m still not 100%, but made it to church yesterday. I have gone out twice in two weeks. Yesterday was a good day though, and a good night sleep.

I finally did go to Emergency and get an injection that helped a lot. It took away the inflammation.

We are not well off financially, and in fact closer to poverty. We live day by day and week by week. We trust God for our food, drink, business, etc. I am thankful for each game or book idea that I get, and am thankful for each sale and each backer on Kickstarter. It is a process with some light at the end of the tunnel.

I already have photophobia, since ’98, which is sensitivity to bright lights – which gives me migraines sometimes. I also have a heel pain problem, and sensitivities to odours and chemicals. Life is tough. Thankfully, God has given me a positive heart to overcome. I’m not giving up!

Last year I had 2 stents placed for my heart. But through it all, God has been faithful, and I feel and know that he is with me. I read the New Testament and it is filled with the comforting Holy Spirit and with great and precious promises. Faith moves mountains!


Sometimes I feel like Job and say Why Me?! Sometimes I get mad at God. But God has a plan and we need to trust him – not only in the good times. Job was blessed twice as much in the end, and got to see who his friends really were. If you have not read Job, please read it. It is a wonderful and encouraging true story.

“Casting all your care upon him, for he cares for you.”  1 Peter 5:7

Blessings in Christ, Randall