Get Adler! Premium live on Kickstarter

Hi Everyone!


We are live on Kickstarter with the Premium Edition of Get Adler! This version will contain a bigger box, insert, new backs on Character cards … and maybe the Expansion! (see below)

Here is the direct link: GetAdlerPremium

As always, so amazed at the backers! Over 60% Funded already! There is a good chance that we can include the 7 and 8 player Expansion. (I’m sure we will as it’s a low stretch goal).


So come on over and check it out. If you love award-winning deduction games, this one’s for you, or a friend or family member. You get great deals on Kickstarter for supporting indie authors and publishers.

Thank you and kind regards, Randall


Get Adler: Whispers on Kickstarter

I’m getting ready to launch a new Kickstarter for our new expansion Get Adler: Whispers which is the expansion for the 7th and 8th players.


The 7th character is The Mole and the 8th character is French Agent Gigi Bonnet. Here is a sketch I did of the Mole a while ago when I invented him.


I had to find him today, because KS says it’s a good idea to show backers and those interested, your sketches. I showed a couple of the other character sketches when I launched Get Adler!

I’m really excited and a bit apprehensive to see how people react to Whispers. I think it is a very good expansion and adds some fun mechanics and rules. The Mole, of course, steals intelligence and tries to hand it over to Adler and Collins, while Bonnet tries to intercept the data and tip off her colleagues.

The apprehensive part is – is this the right time for the expansion. hmmm. We just funded Get Adler! and hope to have that game available in April. Should we have waited until it was out first? We will soon find out. Hopefully the videos and background info I put on KS will get people excited about Whispers.

As I was saying on the KS, I read a lot of interesting true stories about MI5 & MI6 moles and double-agents, so we are close to history on our story and game play.

I will come back and put our KS link here after we launch, and as always we will get some info and pics up on our website.