Get Adler! Premium coming soon!

Get Adler! Premium Edition is coming soon! We might even launch a Kickstarter in February. We are so encouraged by emails and reviews from customers and backers!! It really has hit the sweet spot for young and old, male and female, gamers and casual gamers. The new edition will be a slightly bigger traditional box (top and bottom) with a plastic insert to hold 2 decks of cards, new design on back of character cards, and maybe another surprise … stay tuned! R.

ps The box will be a lot thicker!

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Females in Games

Hasbro has replaced Mrs. White from Clue (Cluedo), and replaced her with a younger, more professional Dr. Orchid. This has led to lots of discussion in the game industry about females in games and on box covers.

In Get Adler! Deduction Card Game we have two strong female characters – one good and one bad: Agent Gold and Kate Collins. We are just finishing the 7/8 player expansion which adds French Agent Gigi Bonnet – a good character. That brings us to 3 out of 8 characters, getting closer to 50/50. Our artist is also female. Perhaps all these reasons together is why Get Adler! is popular with female and male, young and older and gamers and non-gamers.