Get Adler! a Mainstream Game

We’re having such a nice response to Get Adler! from males, females, young, older, gamers and non-gamers. Stores and distributors are recognizing the mainstream qualities of this deduction game and ordering. Yay!

Players: 4-6, Time: 30 min., Ages: 10 – Adult

The artwork is attractive; the cards, reference sheets and time tokens are high-quality, and even the rule booklet is top-notch. Add to that the excellent game play and replay value of this party game and you see why we have high hopes for this gem!

Get Adler! has real deduction (but not a brain burner); and after you figure out who Adler is, you still have to catch him – by motor car, bus, bicycle or boat, or chase him in the underground …. And watch out, Adler has a few tricks up his sleeve… and a clever accomplice in Kate Collins.



Author: Randall Thompson

Writer. Inventor of card and board games, like Get Adler! Deduction Card Game.

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