Get Adler! A Game of Deduction

I have to be truthful in saying that I’m not big on social deduction games. I’m big into euro games, dexterity games, & well, I like to play a lot of games. But social deduction gam…

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A Kickstarter in Summer?

A Kickstarter in summer? I really hope this is going to work! We launched Soccer Tactics WORLD board game on Kickstarter today – right in the middle of summer vacation. How many people are still at work or home or checking on Kickstarter? hmmm. We’ll find out soon enough. I’m thinking that most families and individuals only go away for 2 weeks, so we should be good. I’ll post a couple of photos below, so you can see this fantastic soccer game, and here is the Kickstarter link: SoccerTacticsWORLD


KS-new STW box-SMALL


Have a great summer everyone! And check out our Kickstarter if you have the chance. Thank you! R.

Females in Games

Hasbro has replaced Mrs. White from Clue (Cluedo), and replaced her with a younger, more professional Dr. Orchid. This has led to lots of discussion in the game industry about females in games and on box covers.

In Get Adler! Deduction Card Game we have two strong female characters – one good and one bad: Agent Gold and Kate Collins. We are just finishing the 7/8 player expansion which adds French Agent Gigi Bonnet – a good character. That brings us to 3 out of 8 characters, getting closer to 50/50. Our artist is also female. Perhaps all these reasons together is why Get Adler! is popular with female and male, young and older and gamers and non-gamers.


Get Adler! Photos

Get Adler! Deduction Card Game has been produced and delivered! Yay! Here are some photos of the amazing cards and pieces. Quality is excellent!!

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Get Adler! a Mainstream Game

We’re having such a nice response to Get Adler! from males, females, young, older, gamers and non-gamers. Stores and distributors are recognizing the mainstream qualities of this deduction game and ordering. Yay!

Players: 4-6, Time: 30 min., Ages: 10 – Adult

The artwork is attractive; the cards, reference sheets and time tokens are high-quality, and even the rule booklet is top-notch. Add to that the excellent game play and replay value of this party game and you see why we have high hopes for this gem!

Get Adler! has real deduction (but not a brain burner); and after you figure out who Adler is, you still have to catch him – by motor car, bus, bicycle or boat, or chase him in the underground …. And watch out, Adler has a few tricks up his sleeve… and a clever accomplice in Kate Collins.