Lessons from 1st Kickstarter

Wow. That was amazing. We feel blessed and thankful! Get Adler! Deduction Card Game was funded and will most likely hit the market in April or May.


What lessons did I learn from our first Kickstarter? Here are some major points:

  1. 45 days may be too long for a campaign. KS recommends 30 days and I see why.  You work hard every day, but you get a big initial push and a great finish, with some slow days in the middle. 30 days  would keep everyone engaged more evenly over a 30 day campaign.
  2. Kickstarter is a great invention. A big thank you to Kickstarter that allows individuals and very small companies to realize a dream, and to share it with wonderful backers.
  3. Backers give great encouragement and feedback, which can help you to improve the product before production. Thank you backers!
  4. Your goal should be lower than what you expect, because if you are successful it will be above that target, and the pledges could go much higher. I have seen some products be slightly underfunded, and that must be disappointing.

I will update this list as I remember more lessons. Thank you!




GAME BOY GEEK previews Get Adler!

The Game Boy Geek really delivers those high energy reviews/previews just like he says. This is a very good overview of our game that still has 10 days to go on Kickstarter.

For more info, photos, biography, Kickstarter link, etc: www.capergames.ca