Agent Sarah Gold in Action!

Here is an excerpt from our short-story series: The Adventures of Gold & Sharpe, which sprang out of our new deduction card game, Get Adler! This is from story #2 – The Prescott Sisters. Story #1 is already on our website as a Free download:

The Prescott Sisters will be up shortly. Enjoy this for now!


The Adventures of Gold & Sharpe: The Prescott Sisters.

[The man, with a grey fedora hat and a scar on his chin, pulled out a revolver. “Get in the car. Now.”

Victor adroitly stepped sideways and hacked the man’s wrist with a karate chop! The criminal grunted and the gun fell out of his hand. Victor punched him square in the face. The man stumbled backwards and then ran towards the car. However, flat-cap man tackled Victor from the side ― knocking them both to the ground. Victor felt searing pain in his left arm as the villain scrambled to his feet.

At that instant, a red hardtop MG slid sideways onto the edge of the front yard, spraying snow everywhere, and came to a stop. Sarah sat in the car with her Beretta already drawn.

“Don’t move!” she ordered the man with the flat cap, keeping the pistol aimed as she exited the car.

The Bentley’s engine roared to life, while flat-cap man stood indecisive. He suddenly reached inside his coat for ― BAM! Sarah hit him in the upper chest. The man dropped onto the snow-covered ground, while his associate sped down the road ― slush flying from the spinning wheels.

Sarah spun and shot out the back window: BAM! BAM! BAM! However, the car continued, unabated.]

The Adventures of Gold & Sharpe. Copyright Randall James and Caper Games. All Rights Reserved.


Author: Randall Thompson

Writer. Inventor of card and board games, like Get Adler! Deduction Card Game.

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