Get Adler! Funded on Kickstarter!


Okay, the headline might be a bit of hype (but true!) as we set the goal not too high, but pleasing none-the-less. On day 2 of our KS campaign we broke through the $ 500 barrier. Yay!

Day 1 started out great, with lots of pledges and then came to a slow down when we discovered a shipping issue. For the single games, the shipping wasn’t being added on. Don’t know if it was a glitch or us. We had a nice backer from Denmark who pointed it out to us.

We sent a message to KS about the issue, but managed to add some new pledges overnight that gave clear guidance to choose Canada, USA or International GOLD LEVELS and shipping would be included. So shortly after changing, everything came back to normal. Thank God! and thanks to our backers!

I also did an AMA – Ask Me Anything – on Reddit this morning, and had a radio interview in the afternoon. All in all a very good day. Hopefully we can keep it going steady.

Oh, yeah, and we added content to our BGG (boardgamegeek) Get Adler! page, and we started a couple of small ads.

Get Adler! A Social Deduction Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini

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Author: Randall Thompson

Writer. Inventor of card and board games, like Get Adler! Deduction Card Game.

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