A Game of I…. millimetres!


The game of inches – above.

I am part of the generation in Canada that got caught in Mr. Trudeau’s idea to convert Canada to the metric system. The 1970s. I still think of most things in feet and inches and pounds. Metric also does not translate well if you are a sports fan. What is a 6’6″ 300 lb offensive lineman in metric, and who cares? lol

As I measure the box and the contents for Get Adler! Deduction Card Game, I am measuring in metric. I am getting used to it, and here it works for me. This box must be 1.8 cm (18mm) in thickness. As in the thickness to get through the Canada Post slot to make it as ‘letter’ mail. We did it for our last two sports card games – SHOOTERZ hockey card game, and STRIKERZ soccer card game. They fit through the slot and were mailed inexpensively.

So, before production, I have been fitting into the SHOOTERZ box – 6 card sheets, 96 cards divided into 3 decks, a punchout sheet and the rules booklet. Yesterday it all fit, and was even a tiny bit loose. Yay! I always thought it would fit, and we had done some rough work on it, but this was the nitty gritty. So as long as our manufacturer can do what we just did, we will all be happy! The backers and future customers will get a product with a great shipping rate, and we can keep costs down.

I enjoy this designing and measuring part of the production process and it reminds me a lot of when I worked on aircraft, in the military and then the civilian world. The civilian work especially prepared me for all this design work – and I am thankful for that.

So, why do we want this package to be letter mail so bad? Because shipping is expensive today -for everyone. I strongly believe in old-fashioned values. Give people a great product for the best price possible. And there is nothing wrong with making a profit, as long as you have good motives.

Every millimetre counted in this design.

Game design – a game of millimetres.







Agent Sarah Gold in Action!

Here is an excerpt from our short-story series: The Adventures of Gold & Sharpe, which sprang out of our new deduction card game, Get Adler! This is from story #2 – The Prescott Sisters. Story #1 is already on our website as a Free download: http://www.capergames.ca

The Prescott Sisters will be up shortly. Enjoy this for now!


The Adventures of Gold & Sharpe: The Prescott Sisters.

[The man, with a grey fedora hat and a scar on his chin, pulled out a revolver. “Get in the car. Now.”

Victor adroitly stepped sideways and hacked the man’s wrist with a karate chop! The criminal grunted and the gun fell out of his hand. Victor punched him square in the face. The man stumbled backwards and then ran towards the car. However, flat-cap man tackled Victor from the side ― knocking them both to the ground. Victor felt searing pain in his left arm as the villain scrambled to his feet.

At that instant, a red hardtop MG slid sideways onto the edge of the front yard, spraying snow everywhere, and came to a stop. Sarah sat in the car with her Beretta already drawn.

“Don’t move!” she ordered the man with the flat cap, keeping the pistol aimed as she exited the car.

The Bentley’s engine roared to life, while flat-cap man stood indecisive. He suddenly reached inside his coat for ― BAM! Sarah hit him in the upper chest. The man dropped onto the snow-covered ground, while his associate sped down the road ― slush flying from the spinning wheels.

Sarah spun and shot out the back window: BAM! BAM! BAM! However, the car continued, unabated.]

The Adventures of Gold & Sharpe. Copyright Randall James and Caper Games. All Rights Reserved.

A Team Effort

How many people are involved to take a product from an idea to a finished product in the hands of a customer?


I thank God for each idea that I get for a new game. Then you have stores that sell bristol board, paper and pens, where most ideas start out. So, a rough prototype is made. Then you have testers. Next is the graphic artist. More testing. Maybe family and friends, and then gamers you don’t know.

At some point you start talking to the manufacturer to get a quote and time frame. There will be shipping: by ocean or air and then ground. What about customs, distributors, wholesalers, stores – brick and mortar and online stores.

How about Kickstarter, Conventions, media releases, marketing, ads, etc. Investors, backers.

There is a lot of time and money expended on just one new project.


As the saying goes, there is no “I” in Team. The inventor or designer gets a lot of credit, but as we can see here, credit should go to many people.

For more info on Get Adler! Social Deduction Card Game: www.capergames.ca


Get Adler! Expansion for 7 & 8 players

While our Kickstarter campaign has been running for Get Adler! I have been busy putting the finishing touches on the upcoming expansion. We have two new great characters: The Mole and French Agent Bonnet. The illustrator has once again done a great job and here is the first look at Agent Bonnet.


Doesn’t she look great and intriguing? The great thing about all our characters, is that they all do something special, which is why I developed some fun Special Abilities rules.

The Get Adler! Kickstarter is going very well, and later on in the campaign we hope to make some announcements about the Expansion. Stay tuned.

And once again, a big thank you to each backer! We couldn’t do it without you.

For more info, including the Kickstarter link: www.capergames.ca




Peace in the Storm


Our new deduction card game, Get Adler! almost didn’t get made, as the summer brought an unexpected heart procedure. I was getting strange feelings down my arms on walks and eventually had slight pressure in my chest on further walks. Feeling tired.

My doctor sent me to emergency right away, but after passing the EKG and the blood tests, we thought I was in the clear. Then, later in the day, came the treadmill stress test, which I failed. I was then scheduled for a procedure, and within a month had 2 stents placed in my arteries. Wow. An unexpected life change.

However, I must say that I was never really ‘afraid’. Yes, I had some concerns, and you comfort your loved ones, and think, what if… But, even when I was awake on the table and having the ‘procedure’ (they don’t want to say operation) I was not afraid. In fact, I was meditating on Psalm 23 while they did it. There I was, with my eyes covered with a cloth because of my photophobia (sensitivity to bright lights, which I had since ’98), and all this activity going on, and yet I had almost perfect peace. Only God can do that, I believe. I am a Christian (in case you didn’t know).

The hardest part was the medications over the next weeks and months, as I was rushed to the hospital twice with a sky high heart rate. Again, I wasn’t really afraid. Concerned, yes. Afraid, no.

Only months later, when I started to work on Get Adler! again did I realize that it might not have been made, if I had gone to be with the Lord. I praise and thank Him for each day. He is faithful, and He hears our prayers.

Peace in the midst of the storms of life.

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Get Adler! Funded on Kickstarter!


Okay, the headline might be a bit of hype (but true!) as we set the goal not too high, but pleasing none-the-less. On day 2 of our KS campaign we broke through the $ 500 barrier. Yay!

Day 1 started out great, with lots of pledges and then came to a slow down when we discovered a shipping issue. For the single games, the shipping wasn’t being added on. Don’t know if it was a glitch or us. We had a nice backer from Denmark who pointed it out to us.

We sent a message to KS about the issue, but managed to add some new pledges overnight that gave clear guidance to choose Canada, USA or International GOLD LEVELS and shipping would be included. So shortly after changing, everything came back to normal. Thank God! and thanks to our backers!

I also did an AMA – Ask Me Anything – on Reddit this morning, and had a radio interview in the afternoon. All in all a very good day. Hopefully we can keep it going steady.

Oh, yeah, and we added content to our BGG (boardgamegeek) Get Adler! page, and we started a couple of small ads.

Get Adler! A Social Deduction Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini

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